Make your own beautiful heirloom tomato caprese in just a few simple steps. This traditional Italian dish, arranged as a salad, is great served with pasta and / or pesto (or just about any other Italian food). The preparation is easy, requires minimal time, and, as long as the ingredients are fresh, is extremely delicious.

Step 1: Apparatus

Here is what you'll need to create a tomato caprese salad (try to find ingredients that are as fresh as possible):
  • Four or five tomatoes (yes, really), preferably of different colors. Using heirloom, garden-fresh tomatoes enhances the flavor considerably.
  • One log of fresh mozzarella cheese, as unprocessed as possible
  • Fresh basil (of different colors if possible)
  • A knife
  • A plate
  • Any other spices, oils, or vinegars you wish to add (be creative).
Whether you picked your produce from the garden or the grocery store, always wash it thoroughly before use.
I make this all the time but I have never used yellow tomatoes. This looks beautiful!
Absolutely gorgeous presentation - the different colors of tomatoes and basil are lovely. :)

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