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This is a very easy card trick that requires little to no expertise. A great card trick for beginners, but will amaze all of your friends nonetheless!

This is the trick
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Step 1: The Set-up

Picture of The Set-up
For this trick, you will obviously need a deck of playing cards. It can be any deck, as long as it has 52 cards in it (after taking out the two jokers). You are looking for the stiffest cards you can find, so it is often good to show this trick with a fresh deck, but this is completely not required at all. Just the stiffer, the better.

Introduce yourself, and show your audience that you are using a full, regulation deck that has been shuffled.

Step 2: "Pick A Card"

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When your audience is fully aware that there is nothing fishy going on with the deck, ask one of them to draw a card from it and memorize it.

As they are looking at it, cut the deck in half, then into fourths of relatively equal size, and position them in a line.
stolga2 years ago
cool trick! there are also simple magic tricks which are completely easy. I have a bunch of them in my FREE simple magic tricks video instructions at
coolo526 years ago
waht is up with the 9 of hearts
 he has mirror effect on his camera
EnigmaMax6 years ago
Hoboman7 years ago
Its like, "Don't give me the finger!!!" J/K
you could also do the card snap. (that's probably not what it's called) you hold the cards sideways with your middle and pointer finger in front and your thumb behind. Then you snap your fingers, when you snap the top card will be dragged back with your middle finger and the bottom card will be showing. the trick is to keep your pointer finger a 1/4 of an inch away from the top card when you snap. You should also flick the card with your left hand while you snap to distract them.
yes, that is another fun trick