Introduction: Easy Cartoon Eyes

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These carton eyes are easy and simple, great for portraits!

Step 1: Step One

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Today I am showing you guys how to draw easy cartoon eyes, first get the necessary supplies:

Black marker

Step 2: Step Two

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Draw a head for the eyes, I used a navy marker because I didn't have a black one on hand.

Step 3: Step Three

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Now draw two smaller circles in the head for the eyes.

Step 4: Step Four

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Now make two smaller circles inside of the eyes.

Step 5: Step Five

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Color in the eyes, except for in the circles you just made. You can use any colour you want.

Step 6: Step Six

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Now draw the rest of the face, and your done!


tofugami (author)2014-07-29

They look like buttons. I like the eyes.

Shellshocked (author)tofugami2014-07-29


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