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Introduction: Easy Changing Shelves

I recently made these shelves for my tiny art studio. I wanted something I could take with me to the many different spaces I'm sure to move in the future - easy to transport and modify.

These shelves are made completely out of three sheets of ply-wood. Because the pair of boxes are slightly different sizes they easily fit inside one another, making it super easy to move. I figure depending on the space I can stack them higher, lower, split to make two shelving units, or always add more longer pieces of wood for more room.



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    Excellent work, this is a great idea for anyone with limited space.

    Very nice! A lot of storage and display, but it packs up small for transport.

    This is such a great idea!

    maybe you could give us the finished dimensions???

    Looks like you made 2 of each size except for the smallest where you made 3.

    A drawing showing how you got the most out of your 3 sheets of plywood would be nice.

    Did you sketch out the dimensions first? Or was it all "by eye?"

    Very nice, but my 4 year old boy would topple the set and destroy them the first day though.