This is an instructable for an easy and cheap flash diffuser for the on-board flash of most SLR camera's.

Step 1: Project Box

The item I used for my diffuser was a cheap $3.00 project box, obtained from a local Radio Shack. I removed the 9v battery compartment lid, took out the screws and cut out a larger area as shown below.
I see your living room a couch and a TV. Am I right?
OR is the TV a fireplace?
<tt>&nbsp;Thanks!<br /> <br /> First: Flash<br /> Second: Diffused<br /> <br /> </tt>
A good idea. Well done. I would add +1 stop compensation as it looks like you've lost a bit of light.
Sorry, I'm new to photography, but what exactly is the purpose of a flash diffuser?
Normal light from a bulb is harsh, and often gives hard shadows that don't look good. When it's spread out, it looks more natural.
great job!
Hey! Very well done! 4 stars! Will this work on a camera that doesn't have a pop-up flash (like mine)?
I do not know, you would have to measure it out yourself. This version requires a pop-up flash. Thanks for the comments!

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