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This is an instructable for an easy and cheap flash diffuser for the on-board flash of most SLR camera's.

Step 1: Project Box

Picture of Project Box
diffuser 003.jpg
The item I used for my diffuser was a cheap $3.00 project box, obtained from a local Radio Shack. I removed the 9v battery compartment lid, took out the screws and cut out a larger area as shown below.
Ghost Wolf4 years ago
I see your living room a couch and a TV. Am I right?
OR is the TV a fireplace?
J@50n5 years ago

First: Flash
Second: Diffused

philslizzy5 years ago
A good idea. Well done. I would add +1 stop compensation as it looks like you've lost a bit of light.
Sorry, I'm new to photography, but what exactly is the purpose of a flash diffuser?
Normal light from a bulb is harsh, and often gives hard shadows that don't look good. When it's spread out, it looks more natural.
pepms6 years ago
great job!
codester7 years ago
Hey! Very well done! 4 stars! Will this work on a camera that doesn't have a pop-up flash (like mine)?
amyles (author)  codester7 years ago
I do not know, you would have to measure it out yourself. This version requires a pop-up flash. Thanks for the comments!