Easy Cheap Wooden Box


Introduction: Easy Cheap Wooden Box

Here is a wooden box for less than two 2$.

Step 1: Materials

Here are the essential equipment for making this crate:

1-glue gun


3-tongue depressors


5-ruler (optional)

Step 2: The Base

For making the base of this box you'll need five tongue depressors.

Put three tongue depressors next together and glue one in the end of them.

Now glue the fifth on the other end and turn it over.

Stick tongue depressors till the two holder tongue depressors get fully covered now you have a made plate (one side) of the box. You gonna need 5 of them but you can make six for making a top for your crate.

Step 3: Putting It Together

Stick two plates next together and stick on the plate you prefer as you base.

Now add the third plate and glue it both to the base and the other plate next to it and do the same for the fourth plate.



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