Introduction: Easy Cheap/free Bicycle Flashlight Mount

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TL;DR version:
It's essentially just the threaded part of a plastic bottle sized to fit by heating it up attached with a tie-wrap.

The tools I used:
a lighter
a pipe wrench
a utility knife
and a iron saw

The materials used:
a plastic bottle
a tie-wrap
optionally some kind of rubber 

Step 1: Cut the Top Part of the Bottle

Picture of Cut the Top Part of the Bottle

Being careful to only cut into the bottle and not into yourself, cut of the top of the bottle. Aim for the place just below the rim where the plastic gets thinner. If you have too much excess plastic hanging on you can trim that off too.

Step 2: Saw Out a Section

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Using a fine saw like a iron saw or a figure saw, saw out a section of the bottle neck. Use a file or your hobby knife to even out any rough edges.

Step 3: Slightly Melt the Plastic

Picture of Slightly Melt the Plastic

Using a lighter or a lit candle heat up the bottle neck while squeezing it tight, do this in small increments, keep turning the bottle neck and don't keep the flame on the plastic for longer then half a second at a time, you only want to slightly melt the plastic, not burn it.

Watch out for the fumes, they are not healthy.

Step 4: Fit and Attach

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When you are done tightening your new mount be sure to see if it actually fits your flashlight. I only did this at the last moment and thus have a very tight (and secure) grip which makes it a little tough to actually get the flashlight in.

You can then attach the mount to your steering wheel using a zip-tie, this also makes the fit tighter so keep this in mind when tightening.

I put a rubber band between my steering wheel and the zip-tie to keep it from twisting around but I would recommend using a piece of bicycle innertube for this it looks a little sloppy like this.

Your done! You can now go and buy a cheap but bright flashlight (like the one I have: and light up the roads on your daily (nightly?) bike trips!


RajT2 (author)2015-03-24

Nice trick thanks for sharing.. I was planning to buy as mount but these were very costly.

Made a homemade version of this with twine and wire to support the bottle cap, these are the results!

jgj2001 (author)2014-09-29

I did it without melting the torch on,so that i can avoid theft.

Thanks for the idea dude!

kingannoy (author)jgj20012014-09-29

Great to hear people are still finding and using this Instructable!

I did not melt the holder to the flashlight, just made it slightly narrower so it would grip it better, I understand the confusion though, good to hear you got it to work for you!

salomon1996 (author)2013-05-03

This is great! Going to try this out. :)

kingannoy (author)salomon19962013-05-08

Thanks! Did it work out for you?

salomon1996 (author)kingannoy2013-05-08

Yes it did. I was able to skip step 3 because my flashlight was big enough. Good job. :)

djzadjza (author)2011-12-13

this is a really cool idea. great 'ible

kingannoy (author)djzadjza2013-05-08

Bit late with the reply but thanks for the compliment :)

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