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Instructions on How to Make Fast and Easy Delicious Cheese by Davor Perisa

These Instructions will help any beginners or anybody with basic cooking skills to make quick and delicious cheese from spoiled or regular milk. Each step will be broken down and explained and shown on what to do so anybody can follow. Before the instructions there are some materials and equipment that are need and all can be found in a standard home.

Step 1: Get Your Materials.

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A simple measuring cup

A stirring spoon

A pot that will fit as much milk you will be using

White vinegar

Spoiled or regular milk

A strainer

Cheese mesh

And a bowl that will be used for the draining

Step 2: Put the Pot on the Stove.

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You will want to have your pot that you will be using ready on the stove top so it will be easier to start the task.

Step 3: Pour the Milk Into the Pot.

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For this step you will want to pour the spoiled or regular milk into your pot, you will want to leave about an inch or two of space from the top of the pot , so that there is no worry of overflowing.

Step 4: Set Your Temperature.

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this is where you want to set the temperature on your stove top to start the boiling process. You want a relative high

temperature in the picture it is set to a nine o the stove that i used this will bring it to a boil quicker.

Step 5: Let the Boiling Process Happen.

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the boiling process will start to begin and you will need to watch out so that the milk will not overflow at this point. (it should look like the picture after a few minutes.)

Step 6: Start to Measure the Vinegar.

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pour about 1/3 of a cup of vinegar in the measuring cup.

Step 7: Pour the Vinegar in the Milk

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once you pour the vinegar into the milk you will want to begin stirring them together so the vinegar will start the (churning process) or make the milk start to clump together. (if it doesn't start to churn then you can add a little more vinegar.)

Step 8: Continue Step 7

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continue to stir the milk till the milk fully churned,you will know when this has happened when there is more clumps then milk.

Step 9: Remove the Milk

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One the milk have fully churned, you want to remove the milk from the pot with a spoon or if you choose you may use a ladle to remove the cheese to the strainer.

Step 10: Let the Cheese Drain

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Take the milk out and put it on top of the cheese mesh and strainer over a bowl ( like in the picture).

Also after that you will want to pick up the cheese mesh by the corners and put them together so that you can squeeze the cheese to fully drain the cheese.

Step 11: Done.

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After follow these steps you should have cheese ready to be used in lasagna or chip dip or many other food options.


amberrayh (author)2015-02-18

Great job on a very thorough first Instructable! I hope we see more from you in the future!

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