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***NOTE: Due to the acquisition of Instructables by AutoDesk, and Instructables' refusal to allow me to make private or unpublish any of my works, this instructable has been permanently deleted from this site around September 1, 2011. ***



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    Nice looking! How many chickens? How many eggs do you get? And where (approximatelyI do you live? Really like the Easy Feeder....amazing!

    I have 4 hens, right now (springtime weather) I'm averaging 22-24 eggs a week. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. Thanks for the comment!

    Nice work. Well designed. A tip:
    If you use strips of lath to tack down your tarp it will last a lot longer. The movement of the tarp wears it out, and if it is tacked down tight it won't shred in the wind.

    Yeah, these two tarps barely survived the winter. They were Harbor Freight $4 specials - the grommets on the bottom edge (which I staked down) ripped out in the wind, but at least they lasted as long as they did! Thanks for the tip!

    This is a Beatiful update to your previous instructable! I love the run that you built!

    Oh to be a chicken roosting in this mansion. Love the use of redwood and pavers to keep everything safe and rot-free.