Introduction: Free Printables - Easy Cutout Bookmarks

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When I used to babysit, these types of cutouts were my favorite activities for when the children weren't feeling to energetic. Simply print out a set of cut-out crafts, give them a pair of scissors (only the ones old enough to know how to use them!), and let them make cute animal crafts and bookmarks. If they like coloring, you can even print out a "colorable" set instead of just using a color printer.

Step 1: You Will Need

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  • A couple sheets of bookmark printouts from here:

  • Scissors
  • Pencil Crayons

Step 2: Cut Outline

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NOTE: I printed out colored version, so didn't bother coloring this dinosaur in, but if you want to color in your own bookmarks, it's easier to do it before you've cut it out.

Cut out the out line of the bookmarks carefully. If you've given this to kids, make sure they don't hurt themselves!

Step 3: Cut Out Arms

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Gently fold the bookmark in half and cut along the arms or paws of the bookmark as shown - these help keep keep of the pages as you're reading! Cutting out a set of these bookmarks on heavier, more durable paper makes a great gift for any of your bookworm friends - they're cute and useful!


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