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Introduction: Easy Chipotle Hot Sauce and Dip

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Here's a simple way to make your own hot sauce. This chipotle sauce is hot but not super hot, smoky, and quite good. You can store a bottle in the refrigerator for a long time.

Step 1: Ingredients

Grab a can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. It should be in the Mexican food aisle of your grocery store. If not, find a better grocery store. Get some of your favorite vinegar. I like to use balsamic or cider vinegar, but any will work. White distilled vinegar might be a little strong, but you can water it down to your liking. The vinegar adds flavor and helps prevent the sauce from spoiling.

7 oz can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce
1/2 cup of a nice vinegar more or less.

Step 2: Blend and Bottle

Add the Chipotle peppers to a blender with the vinegar and puree. I fill the empty can with the vinegar to get the rest of the adobo sauce out and in the blender. If you like, now is your chance to be creative. Feel free to add roasted garlic or onions, herbs, or add more spice like cayenne or black pepper. There's no need to go crazy though it's fine on it's own.

Use a funnel to pour into a bottle. I reuse a bottle of Frank's Red Hot. Optionally you can strain the sauce to remove the seed bits, this gives you a very smooth sauce, but it's unnecessary in my opinion.

Step 3: Enjoy

Use this sauce just like any other hot sauce. I add it to soups, chili, nachos, burgers, hot dogs, and anything with a tortilla.

To make a dip just stir in with sour cream or warmed cream cheese until it has a nice kick.

To make a Pico De Gallo salsa add the sauce to chopped tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and a dash of lime juice.




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    I love this stuff. I was putting it in veggie juice but now I am doing keto but gonna make it for something Thanks.

    1 reply

    Thanks, that would be a spicy juice!

    Can this be bottle for storage?

    I believe it depends on the acidity of the vinegar and temperature it's stored at. I've kept a bottle in my fridge for a couples months and it seemed fine. I would treat it like any other bottled sauce, but sorry, I can't give you an exact number.

    I just wanted to make sure it was going to last as long as I use it. have not had a bottle of smoked chipotle hot sauce last longer then a month in my house.

    Growing Ghost chilies this summe. and this is what i will do with them.
    Time to scare some people

    wow i made this sauce before.. i use a different type of chipotles.. but pretty much the same.. i love it!! maybe ill post my sauce and compare both

    1 reply

    Cool! I was wondering if other people did this too.

    i put mine in an empty siracha sauce bottle..

    My partner loves Chipotle Sauce, now she can make her own. She uses it like tomato sauce!

    I knew I was saving those hot sauce bottles for a reason ! I'll have to remember this for the next time I only use a part of a can of chipolte, instead of freezing the rest I'll sauce it !

    2 replies

    Good idea. I'll have to try your Salsa Hack, although I usually steer clear of habaneros.

    like any of my guides ( I don't call them recipes) the salsa should be made according to the makers tastes. I was introduced to hot peppers at a very early age, my dads dad ate cherry peppers right from the jar and had a XXX mustard made from fresh horseradish and fresh ground mustard. Fast forward 40yrs and I've replaced the cherry peppers with pickled jalapenos. It can be difficult cooking for non-chilli heads (like my wife) what will tingle my tongue will have her reaching for the milk ( and occasionally something to throw at me) but my 8alarm chili is legendary and my 5yo grandson uses the bottled red water on his eggs and pizza ! hhmmmm I think I'm going to cnp this reply to my "ible"