Picture of Easy Chocolate Apple
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Step 1: The First Thing to do is get the ingredients

The First Thing to do is get the ingredients
You will need
.Chocolate fruit dip or any other brand of melted chocolate
.a popsicle stick
. And a plate or bowl to freeze it on

Step 2: Next

Picture of Next
Stick the popsicle stick into the apple

Step 3: Then

Picture of Then
Dunk the apple in the chocolate
P.s. Be careful your hands WILL get chocolatey

Step 4: After

Picture of After
Put the apple in the freezer on a bowl or plate and wait a couple hours

Step 5: The Next Day

To get your apple off the bowl just spin it around.

Step 6: Last

Picture of Last
My favorite way to enjoy the apple is to suck on it

Step 7: Just Now

Picture of Just Now
I figured out you can draw IN the chocolate

Step 8: Now

You can make this treat over and over
NerdyLissy8 months ago
Looks good! I'll have to try it!
seamster11 months ago

Apples + chocolate = YUM :)

kbp55512 months ago