I stumbled apon the art of paper crafting last year & have been hooked ever since . It is an amazingly fun hobby & there are thousands of free templates to choose from online. Seeing how food is my FAVORITE art medium, I decided to experiment to see if I could make the same adorable characters out of something edible.Who doesn't love making masterpieces that can also be eaten?The end result was this little guy. He is a delicious, chocolate, snack, to be eaten sometime after midnight! This instructable will show you how to make your own chocolate mogwai, or any creature, monster, or classic character your little heart desires, using just a paper craft template & a few basic supplies.

Step 1: STEP 1: Find a Template

First choose a favorite character that you would like to bring to life. You can either create your own or find a free one online by searching "paper craft" plus your character's name & browsing the images. I chose to do Gizmo and found the template here. You want to find one that is realitively simple in design (lots of larger pieces & simple square shapes). Then print the template out to use as your chocolate building pattern. 
<p>Im confused of how to do step 5...</p>
<p>What you do is cut along the fold lines and attach them together using more chocolate</p>
<p>Sorry about all the typos. I need to edit them&hellip; Ok so essentially its like building a ginger bread house. You cut your layout into squares and pipe a line of chocolate along the edges. Hold the two edges together until it cools and hardens. You will want to just do just a few pieces at a time because it is difficult to hold everything in place all at once. You will probably have to rewarm your bag of chocolate a couple of times during the process. I hope this helps :)</p>
The one you sculpted looked like Gizmo from the Gremlins!!!:D
<p>it is :P</p>
<p>I made a chewbacca with a marshmallow mouth and chopped up little white chocolate chips for the belt things.</p>
<p>How cute! I love it! I like your creativity with the embellishments :)</p>
Congratulations on your 1st prize win! I still worry he's to darn cute to eat. :)
I thought he was too cute to eat, but my kids had NO problem gobbling him down.
I would never think to do that.. I love it! You're so awesome.
Thank you everyone for your kind words &amp; support! <br>
simply amazing! got to try that!!! ASAP!
Great idea!
i love it, <a href="http://taihcm.com" rel="nofollow">hi</a>
It seems a shame to build a chocolate box and not put some kind of filling inside. Maybe some sort of marshmallow or mousse whipped up with a lot of air would be lightweight enough not to cause any problems.
I was thinking the same thing! I wanted to try filling the head with some of the mini M&amp;M's because they are my son's favorite. I didn't get around to testing it out before it was eaten though. I think mousse would be pretty fabulous too!
I love it!! It's so so cute! Done a great job!

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