Easy Chopping Block Handle





Introduction: Easy Chopping Block Handle

I have a nice stump that i use to split wood for my fire, but i often need to move it around the yard to chop and then back into hiding when it's not in use. It isn't particularly heavy but i wanted a way to carry it with one hand so that i could carry my maul in the other.


I decided to use some extra sheet metal i had to fashion a make shift handle. A sheet of metal is pretty inexpensive, but if you need to buy some you might as well buy a cheap strong gate handle or something for the same price.

Step 1: Cut the Metal

I cut 14" x 14" piece of metal. I was mainly thinking that i wanted a thick piece long enough to bend into a handle. You should measure the size of your stump before cutting the metal.

Step 2: Fold the Metal

I started by folding the edges inward so that there were no sharp edges exposed. Then i continued to fold it in half over and over until i had a piece that fit nicely in my hand. At then end it got a little hard to manipulate. I enlisted the use of my car, slowly rolling over the metal to bend and fold it.

Step 3: Attach the Handle

I first sanded the stump down a little bit to avoid splinters when picking it up.

Finally i used some wood screws and washers that i had on hand to attach the handle to the stump. I needed a little bending and folding to get the angle correct for the handle shape.

Step 4: Test It Out

That's it! So far it seems to be working great. I will update this later if i find it isn't secure enough or if i make other modifications.



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    Logs are certainly unpleasant to carry. This is a good way of doing it. Well done!

    Thanks so much. I'm glad you all enjoy it.

    very cool

    That was nice of your car to help you with the folding. Thanks for sharing! Congratulations on your first Instructable! I hope we see many more from you.