Easy Cinnabon Waffles





Introduction: Easy Cinnabon Waffles

I made this easy cinnamon roll waffles. Depending on your waffle maker I made at least 4 pieces of waffles from one can of cinnamon rolls. I used the reduced fat cinnabon roll can from my nearest supermarket. It's easy and you get the taste of both worlds.

Step 1: Materials:

Waffle Maker

1 can of Cinnabon Rolls ( any cinnamon rolls can will do)

1 can of butter spray

Step 2: Steps:

Preheat your waffles maker.

Open the can of Cinnamon rolls.

Spray the waffle maker with butter spray. Then place 2 pieces of rolls on each waffle mold. Close the waffle maker and let it cook. ( There will be a smoke pouring out, but don't worry that is the sugar from the buns.)

After the light turns off open it up and gently take it out. Add the icing and on top and enjoy.

(My waffle maker had a light on the outside make sure to watch it more if it doesn't have a light timer on your waffle maker.)



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