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If you have a large amount of coins to roll, counting them can be tedious. I will show you how to speed up the process.

Today I am rolling US Quarter Dollars, but this method is easily adaptable to any denomination of coin.

You will need: an old credit card, or similar plastic card scissors or hobby knife

We're going to cut a section out of the card to make a simple calipers, and use the calipers repeatedly measure out a known amount of coins. In this case, five dollars in quarters.

Count out coins.

Stack the coins up and mark the card where to cut, as shown. Cut the card to make caliper as shown.

Now measure coins instead of counting.


WyckedStudios (author)2017-04-03

If you're doing a short stack like is pictured, this ought to work well enough......but if you try doing a larger amount, such as enough to fill a whole roll, in a single stack, you'll likely start to get inaccuracies. The longer a coin is in circulation, the more worn and thinner it becomes...nickles seem to be the most prone to this, but you could easily have a coin or two extra in your stack, of any denomination. Admittedly, for pennies, most people won't be bothered by a coin or two extra.....but with dimes or quarters, it'll add up quickly.

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