Easy Cozy Crochet Fingerless Gloves





Introduction: Easy Cozy Crochet Fingerless Gloves

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This is a good winter project, and is very good for beginners. Have fun!

Step 1: Starting

First you will Chain however many stitches it takes to go around your hand. It took me around 20-25.

Step 2: Continuing

Stitch as many rows as you want to be between the top of the glove and the thumbhole. Now, at the beginning of a new row, fold what you have so far in half to see where you want the thumbhole. You probably want the seam (when you stitch the ends together) to be by your pinkie, so with this in mind, stitch up to the spot you want the thumbhole. begin to chain off of the row until it can go around your thumb. Now push your hook into the stitch where you want it and continue normally. See pictures.

Step 3: More

Create more rows until the gloveis as long as you want it to be. Now, fold it in half and stitch up the sides.

Step 4: Finishing

Now, you can trim them with fluffy yarn if you like. Finished!! Enjoy!!! Vote!!!

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    Hi all, does anyone know how to keep the edge of the work from having a bump in the middle (from the thumhole)?


    If I crocheted a fingerless glove for my right hand, do I use the same pattern for my left hand?

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    I think I can see on one of the pictures H/8 which is 5.0 mm. I'm using that size too, can't wait to dig my hook into this project!! (Both metaphorically and literally)

    Thanks @TheDiyFan, I'm definitely going to try this out!! Nice work!! :)

    On the package of yarn, it tells you what size to use. For the yarn I used, i used 7.5 i think.

    And i added strings for embellishment .vintage look


    Love this pattern


    Making these tonight for me and my son girlfend. Hope they turn out cute as the picture

    thank you so much for this pattern it was so easy im 11 and took me only like 2 hours for this to me thats fast

    i made some and used a single crochet. a single crochet makes it look neater but a double crochet will make it take less time

    I looked at this and I had no knowledge of how to crochet at all, I was a knitter. But this is awesome! not super complicated! My first pair were not good! Way too big! but then I tried to use the 20 to 25 chain you used and MAN! you must have some SMALL hands! No offense of course! It's probably because I'm using a size 6 hook and I'm probably pulling too tight. Either way, Im working on trail and error to make them fit nicely on me. I'll test out 30 stitches next.

    I am going to make these!

    do you have to use a stretchy yarn?

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    Nope! You can can use whatever type of yarn you want. I use the cheap stuff lol

    great job! They look very gorgeous and cozy.?

    I'm not sure, it's just some old yarn of mine.

    I am using red hart and it is soft

    I also use that it is a very good brand.?