Easy Crispitos

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I used to see these in rural convenience stores everywhere. Crispy, cheesy, and addictive little rolls of queso and shredded chicken.
I moved to the city a year ago and haven't seen one since, but it occurred to me last night at a little Tex-Mex place that they would be so easy to replicate.
I bought all of the ingredients for less than $10, and I made about a dozen.

1 bottle of mild salsa con queso
20 oz of chunk chicken breast
1 package of egg roll skins

Feel free to use thin tortillas or puff pastry instead of egg roll skins, so long as it's a very thin crust. If it isn't crispy, it isn't a crispito.
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Step 1: Assemble The Crispitos

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For the filling, simply mix the queso and the chicken (drained) with a fork in a small bowl.

Spoon out a small amount onto an individual egg roll skin and roll it up nice and tight.

Initially, I'd used a bit of the queso mixture to seal up the egg roll skin, but I later found this to be unnecessary.

Step 2: Fry 'Em Up

Picture of Fry 'Em Up
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Pour enough oil to submerge half of one wrap.
Allow the oil to heat. I kept the heat a little below medium, so I could let two or three crispitos fry while I prepared more.
Let the crispitos fry until golden brown, flipping them (gently) as necessary.

Step 3: Allow To Cool And Serve

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Place the the fried crispitos on a paper towel or wax paper to cool, and then serve!

These work as a snack on the go, a party appetizer (especially if cut in half), or even as a main course topped with some salsa, guacamole or sour creme.


I made this and it did not taste like crispitos. I did like the tip to use egg roll casings. It made it very crisp. And the chicken was good also. However, the processed cheese dip ruined the dish for me. I understand the appeal to find a cheese that is already seasoned, but I could not finish it due to the taste of the cheese.

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Yay HEB products.
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(Actually stands for "Howard E. Butt." True story.)