Easy Crochet Dish Scrubbies





Introduction: Easy Crochet Dish Scrubbies

Who wants to use and old boring sponge when you can make dish scrubbys!!!! One dish scrubby can last 3+ months!!!!!! One skein of red heart scrubby yarn makes three dish scrubbys

Time: around 30 mins

Step 1: Supplies

~ Red heart scrubby yarn (one skein makes three)
~ I /9-5.50mm crochet hook
~ Scissors

Step 2: Row 1

Slip knot and chain 15, single crochet in the second hook from the chain then single crochet across.

Step 3: Row 2-22

Keep single crocheting in each row until you reach row 22. Don't finish off yet, fold piece over and sc around piece to seal the sides.

Hint: sc 3 in the same hole at each corner

Step 4: Done!!!

Yay!!! You made it to the end. I hope you've enjoyed this instructable

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I can't crochet, my hand cramps immediately, but I can knit just fine. I'm going to get some of this yarn I never heard of and give it a try. Also a Swiffer cover? I'm a dog breeder and anyone who has ever paper trained a puppy knows that as long as their front paws are on the paper it's all good, LOL!

Very nice! I love that you can just throw it in the wash when you need to :)

No not at all and it doesn't get the normal boring sponge stench