This time of the year all you need is a nice Summer hat to protect your skin from the burning heat.It is pretty warm over here in my area,so here is my awesome project for out side '' EASY CROCHET HAT / FOR BIGGINERS''

Actually this is for people who do not know to crochet-the title was too big so I wrote as for the biginners.....

Last year I learnt the basic crochet and knitting and am able to do a little bit but I don't know how to creat any big designs in crochet,so I came up with this idea for people who do not knot know to crochet.( include me too )This is simply very easy and any one can do it as long as they learn to do the chain stitches and single crochet which is pretty easy...It all depends on how neat you make it to look so gorgeous.I sent the final picture to my family and friends, looking at it every body was so surprised because I can not crochet to this extend.I have asked them to be patience until I publish. This Easy crochet hat is done with only chain stitches /band and bow is with single crochet. I have posted alot of pictures because I find it really cool and beautiful.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Yarn - 2 colors

Crochet needle to match the yarn -I used Number 3 & 4

Glue - Only tranparent glue

Pair of scissor

Tape measure -Optional

Tapistry needle

sewing needle

Matching threads to the yarn -not in picture :(

That is so cute!! You have my vote!! ;)
<p>Thank you Abi,your vote made me win.</p>
Congratulations Ayesha ! that hat looks really pretty :)
<p>Thank you faiza.</p>
<p>Congrats on making the finalist! </p>
<p>Congratulations for being a finalist! :)</p>
I love the color
<p>Me too,my favourite color.Thanks for the view .Please vote for this awesome project.</p>
<p>Wow.... Thanks for publishing :) I am a beginner and this is really useful! voted:)</p>
<p>Thank you dear,I am also still learning....Ah unfortunately no time to learn...So much to do ...Ah Ah thanks again for the vote ...</p>
<p>Ya! Actually this is a nice project for people who do not know to crochet and the chain and single crochet is the first thing you learn....so it would go as biginners...</p>
<p>Excellent work Ayesha! love the pink!</p>
<p>Thanks Muha! My favourite color.</p>
Beautiful. I love the color.
<p>Your welcome tofu! </p>
<p>Wow.. it looks awesome :)</p>
<p>Thank you Tarun!</p>
This has got to be one of the most creative ways to use a chain crochet I have ever seen! <br>Thank you for sharing!
<p>Thank you for your prayers,I recovered so fast to take part in your contest.</p>
What an awesome idea! Love it. Voted
<p>This is so cute! And it's perfect to protect your skin from the sun :)</p>
<p>Your welcome! And thanks for the correction :)</p>
Wow..that's so beautiful...love the colour combination....and perfect for the season...love it!!
<p>This is absolutely gorgeous !!! </p>

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