Step 7: Add Water to Crock Pot

Fill one of the empty soup can half full with water and add it to the crock pot.

Caution: If you do not add the water the stew may become too thick. If you add to much water you can just let it cook out.
Idk if this goes with your quick theme but if you brown the meat (1st step in the crockpot?) and the onions(aromatics) together it should be more flavorful. <br> <br>Otherwise awesome recipe and pictures :)
I've made this recipe about a dozen times using variations of a minor sort - cut up chuck steak, stewing beef or cut-up bottom round, a tablespoon of soy, a tablespoon of Worcestershire not all at the same time of course - and it's always good. <br><br>My more or less settled recipe includes celery, onion, carrots and a couple of teaspoons of beef base or a couple of bullion cubes. I tried potatoes once but they cooked to mush but I might try red skins. Perhaps they'll hold together.<br><br>Got a pot going now for dinner.
I skip scraping of the soup cans, just add a little water to each of them, swish it around &amp; pour them into the pot! I also add a can of whole kernal corn. Bon Appetit!
Fantastic! Looking forward to more crock pot recipes :D
Love the plentiful photos.

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