Step 5: Make That Fish Holy!

If you didn't do it yet, secure the fish, and use the Hole Cutter and cut out those holes! 
Looks cool. I would make a couple of small changes for the next version:<br>1. Make one of the holes smaller. This is where the neck should go.<br>2. (Maybe) put the smaller holes a little lower so the wine is at an angle.<br><br>I'm not sure if this would require any major structural changes...
totally agree...I thought of that as well...but after I finished it..ha. <br><br>however, with the current design, the wine bottle DOES actually lay at an angle with its neck downward, b/c both holes are level, and the same size.
Sly, I love it! I never knew you were so crafty.
Why thank you! kinda a recent development...after my travels in Egypt (pre-revolution).... guess the ingenuity of the Egyptian peeps inspired me. and yes they are very crafty people
Just voted for you! Nice wine fish :&gt;
Thanks! I appreciate it alot! ;) <br><br>and I like your umbrella-ella
I like it! It can save some space on counter-top if I place it right!
well said. I agree
I may not be a pro so my comment may not seems as important. BUT GOOD JOB!
I thank you regular, non- pro, person.
Very nice! Thanks for sharing!<br>sunshiine
no, thank you shunsiiiine.
I like this, but it seems fishy...
i concur. i'll take that as a compliment
mucho gracias!

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