Introduction: Easy DIY: Back Open T - Shirt

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Same old T-shirt but with a twist! See how can you recycle your t-shirt in two steps! Hope you all enjoy this video!


Step 1: First Setp

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#1: Use that boring t-shirt to transform, start by cutting the back side, right in the middle 

#2: Safe with a pin the backside, only where the neck line is

Step 2: Second Step

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#1: With a needle sew it by hand, in only take 3 minutes! :)

#2: And you're done!! Ask me anything in the comment box, any doubt you might have :)

Don't forget to watch the video first! 


danny6114 (author)2012-06-01


andyk75 (author)2012-06-01

So easy! And another great instructable! Thanks a lot for sharing.

giannyl (author)andyk752012-06-01

Thank you!! :D

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