Easy DIY Color-Changing Halloween LED Decoration Lights - Pumpkin & Accent Lighting

Picture of Easy DIY Color-Changing Halloween LED Decoration Lights - Pumpkin & Accent Lighting
In today's Instructable, I'm going to demonstrate a 5 minute plug & play, easy installation of Oznium's Prewired RGB Color Changing LEDs as Halloween Lights / Candle Replacements &Decorations / Accent Lighting.

What's so brilliant about these LEDs? They're 100% plug and play, 12V ready, built in resistor, polarity protection built in, as well as the built in RGB controller - all right into the wiring !

Every Prewired RGB LED will slowly emit a steady fading glow, gradually changing to hundreds different colors with our overlapping LumiFlux™ color system. Even for a few, or hundreds of these connected to the same power source - due to our on-board AdaptFade™ technology from Oznium, you're guaranteed a vibrant, colorful unique show every time, from each LED!

For under the price of a normal big-box store cliche halloween inflatable / witch lighting decoration set (that let's be honest... is a bit outdated) you can use crafts, halloween decorations (like we've done!) or even insert a few of these Waterproof Prewired Color Changing LEDs directly into a pumpkin and have a truly unique & spectacular decoration and conversation piece setup in under 10 minutes.

Go Green, Save Energy, and also be safe this Halloween season with LEDs from Oznium !

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Nothing says 'questionable circumstances' to a fire marshall than an unattented pumpkin in your house that had a candle that fell over inside!