Step 2: Modify Your Pumpkin (be It Art or Actual) to Fit the Tip of the 5 MM LEDs.

As a ballpark idea, the size of the LED tip that you will need to install inside your source you'd like to light up is slightly smaller than the diameter of a pencil.

So, if a pencil can fit inside, you can easily mount / stick the LED in and mount it (be it with sealant or glue, but let's not get ahead of ourselves!)

I used a handy metal instrument to insert into the source and pry a proper opening that allowed the LED to fit snugly, in the next step we'll group together the 12V Prewired RGB LED wires (simply ground and power) & then install and mount the LEDs.

It's that easy!

Oznium has already done all of the wiring of the RGB controller, resistor & polarity protectioninside the wiring!

Next, let's group the wiring together and mount them inside the art-work / pumpkins!

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