Easy DIY Color-Changing Halloween LED Decoration Lights - Pumpkin & Accent Lighting

Step 5: Power on the AC Adapter and You're Done!

Picture of Power on the AC Adapter and You're Done!
After wiring the 12V power source's negative & positive wiring as seen / pictured in the last step, power on the adapter. If they light up, use a preferred sealant, or hot-glue to secure the LEDs now that they're confirmed working, and you're finished.

If they don't light, no worries. These LEDs have polarity protection built-in. Switch the wires (you might have mis-wired group and negative) whilst the AC adapter is unhooked, and swap the wires, and you should be good to go!

These LEDs are pre-wired, so there's no resistor wiring, RGB controllers, or anything else to install, we've done it all for you !