Easy DIY Domo Plushie Photo Frame Combo





Introduction: Easy DIY Domo Plushie Photo Frame Combo

Turn a small Domo plushie into a photo frame in a few easy steps, using a few common craft skills. No sewing or electronics required.

From the folks at http://www.GomiStyle.com

Step 1: The Materials

I got this Domo plushie at Target for about $6. The photo frame is also from target, discounted to $25. It is so generic that it has no brand at all. It claims to be plug-and-play with any PC so wish me luck...

Step 2: Remove the Mouth

Domo has a mouth that has the exact dimensions of a small LCD screen. Using an X-acto knife, carefully pop the threads holding the mouth patch in place. Try not to cut the brown fur edge.

Step 3: Remove the Stuffing From the Guts

This is what it looks like without the mouth in place. With the mouth gone, it's easy to remove the stuffing from the guts.

Step 4: Insert USB Cable

Cut a small (1/4") hole in the middle of the butt (no jokes, please), and insert the small end of the USB cable into it. Leave just the plug sticking out. Carefully put a dab of hot glue on the INSIDE, at the spot where the cord meets the fur, to keep it secure. Wrap up the excess cord with a twist-tie.

Step 5: Connect the USB to the Frame

Stuff the stuffing back into the body. Connect the USB cord to the frame and carefully place it back inside the hole.

Step 6: Protect the Screen

Put some tape over the screen to protect it during the next step.

Step 7: Hot-glue the Edge of the Frame

Using a tiny amount of hot glue, attach one side of the fur to the frame at a time. Lay a small line of glue and carefully pull the fur right to the edge of the screen. Hold it in place for a few seconds while the glue sets.

Step 8: Plug USB "Tail" Into Computer

Plug the USB tail into a computer and load it with pictures. I know the image below shows the plushie connected to a Mac, but a PC is required to upload pictures, although it can recharge using any USB connection. The software on the PC worked fine. It was a snap to upload and change pictures.

The USB tail makes a great tripod too!

Step 9: The DOMO Plushie USB Photo Frame

Go Make It!

For more cool DIY projects go to http://www.GomiStyle.com



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    So I presume, saying that this is a Mac, it's a G4 Powerbook? Seems like the aluminum version.

    To avoid butt plug jokes, wire the cord out the back of the leg!

    It's sad, one of my friends don't know what domo-kun is.

    idk what he is either

    Sucks to be you. Domo-kun is a popular tv mascot in Japan. He's so cute!

    Nice! I think it might be more recognizable if you could find a way to keep the teeth. Maybe white construction paper?

    just take a picture of the teeth and upload to the photo frame

    how do you operate the frame?

    AAAHH!!! DOMO ATE AN EYE!!!!! He's adorable. Great job!