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Introduction: The Best Headphone Tie Ever

we all have had this issue, right? you want to get your headphones out of your pocket in a hurry just to find them tangled in a way that’s imposible to use them right away. Fear no more!!

I’ve been using this tie I'll describe for a while. I started just wrapping some cord over my phones and eventually got to this idea of a quick release tie.

what you’ll need

- 30 cm (12 inches) of some cord. I like to use a pretty stiff cord that’s about the same diameter as my headphones cord (about 2mm)

- lighter

- your hands :)

Step 1: First Tie an Overhand Knot Leaving About 6 Cm (a Little Over 2 Inches) End

Step 2: Then Do the Same With the Other End, Just Like in the Picture

Step 3: On Each Long End Tie Another Overhand Knot, This Will Help Tighten and Losen the Tie.

and is ready!

Step 4: How to Use It

  • wrap you headphones over your hand
  • place the tie just like in the picture
  • wrap the knotted end over the headphone cord but below the tie.
  • do it twice
  • pull the knots

et voilà!

just untuck the tie to quickly access your untangled headphones



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    I've been using these ties for a while and figured that would be nice to share the idea :)

    Nice and simple. I like this method!