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This is a very easy DIY lantern made out of household items. All you'll need is:

A sheet of paper

An old can

A stapler or some tape

A hole puncher (Optional)

A candle or tea light.

Some rocks, sand or dirt

A small knife (May or may not need it)

Step 1:

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Take an old can (This could be a bean can, tomato sauce can ect.) and take the label off. Sometimes if the can is wet, you'll need a small exacto knife to take off the bits of glue that hold the label on. Next, thoroughly wash out both the can and the lid (Without cutting yourself on the sharp edges.)

Step 2:

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Take some sand, dirt, or rocks and put them in the can. Sand works best, but I could not find any by our driveway. The rocks, sand, or dirt should go to about half to three quarters of the way up.

Step 3:

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Now put the lip atop the sand, dirt, or rocks. Just drop it in there and then level it out. If you used rocks (Like I did) make sure that the lid does not teeter on them. Now you are done with the can!

Step 4:

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Next, get a sheet of paper. This could be typing paper, wrapping paper, newspaper ect. Put it around the can and staple or tape it so it's snug around the can.

Step 5:

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This step is optional. The little holes at the top help make it look festive.

Just punch holes around the top. Not much to it.

Step 6:

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Find a candle. I would not use a birthday candle as I did in the picture though. ;-) Tea lights tend to be the best. Longer ones might tilt and set the paper aflame.

Step 7:

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Light the candle and put the paper that you taped or stapled around it. This lantern/candle is good for lots of holidays including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah.

Thanks so much guys!

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YouNeverKnowItUntil (author)2016-11-28

Cover the paper in alum so it won't butn

I don't think it will burn, since the flame is contained in the glass, and the smoke/heat is rising.

PhoenixTopaz (author)2016-11-08

This is cool :)

Thanks PhoenixTopaz!

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