Hello. In this instructable I'll show you how I made this toy parachute for kids.

I found it here on Amazon and eBay and I liked the way it teaches kids and also adults lots of information about parachuting principals. So I wanted to make something simple like this for my kids. And you know what, it worked.


Parachute toy At Amazon

Parachute toy At eBay

Step 1: Components and Some Preparation

Things you'll need:

A plastic bag : That will make the parachute.

Some Threads : Those will hold the parachute to the soldier.

Scissors : Amazon or eBay

The soldier : This is the thing that the parachute will lift. It is also a very important component of the experiment. This is the main element that shows how successful the experiment is. You can actually choose anything to make it that soldier. I've chosen a small stuffed puppy. You'll find that you need to try some different things with different weights to make the experiment better.

Start with cutting the plastic bag on both sides leaving the bottom uncut. Now you have four angles of the plastic bag with four tips.

Cut the thread into four pieces (all have the same length). Each piece is of the diagonal length of the plastic bag after being cut.

Step 2: Assemble and Test

Now tether each piece of the thread to a tip of the plastic bag.

Then tether them all together and attach them to the soldier.

You are now ready to test your parachute.

Hold the plastic bag from the middle while the threads are straight and the soldier is dangling down from them. Then turn them all and throw the soldier in the air. Hopefully, the parachute will open and hold the soldier safely to the ground.

Enjoy your time playing with it and be careful not to hurt yourself.

Thank you for reading my instructable.

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