Create a hidden stash spot out of a regular spray paint can with a can opener, shirt cardboard, and hot glue.


CAN OPENER that makes a CUT on the SIDE of the can. << This is the most important part.
EMPTY spray paint (or similar_ can
Hot glue gun
Shirt cardboard
Exacto knife
and some squishy foam helps to insulate rattle noise.

***Sorry about the out of focus/ blurry pics, I was young and dumb back in the day. Now as an art student they make me cringe.***

Step 1: Prep Your Can

1. Empty your can fully. Put duct tape over the nozzle and let sit outside away from sun/ heat etc for a while. You will be surprised at how much gas is inside an EMPTY can.

2. Using our special can opener, probably found at your local super market or online cut the bottom of the can off and save.

3. Clean out your can with mineral spirits/ paint thinner.

What's up bro. I'm trying to get the can opener that you used to cut the Spray can
awesome instructable its also a smart place to put money.
Tnx for good idea! <br>I look long time for how to made this stuff. Now you give me great solution. Tnx!
wow its gooooooooooooooooooooooood&nbsp;
Nice. :)
so you use a CAN?????? to hide OFFICE SUPPLIES???????? id have a different use for it

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