Easy DIY Phone Holder Keychain.





Introduction: Easy DIY Phone Holder Keychain.

A DIY phone holder keychain perfectly customizable and super useful for watching movies, taking pictures or doing whatever you'd like to! :D

(I hope you guys could understand me, my English is not so good... Sorry for any mistakes)

Step 1: Main Material.

I used for this keychain a piece of wood glued to some cardboard to increase its resistance. I used balsa tree wood (ochroma pyramidale) because it is very light, soft, easy to work with (for example when cutting) and if you don't want to paint it, it already has a really nice color, but you could use also plastic or anything you like.

I do know how to cut it with laser, if you like the file just ask for it in the comments field, but I did it this way because I am more about hands, it is super fun :)

Step 2: The Dimensions.

I used a rectangle of 8 inches *2 inches as a single piece.

Cut gently and shallowly by the cardboard side at the half of it (4inches) to use it as a hinge. Also you could use some tape as support instead or additionally.

Step 3: The Hinge

Bend the last cut. Be careful to keep it straight, it have to stand by itself.

Step 4: The Main Cut

Your cellphone is going to need somewhere to lean on, so cut the wood at the distance you'd consider more appropriate at 45 degrees or any other you'd like and wide enough to fit in the hole you'd cut. You could do it simple or design something nice. I decided giving it some wave-like shape.

Step 5: Cleaning Edges

Now I'm using a pyrographer to clean the edges because curves didn't go well when cutting ... Now it looks way much better :)

Step 6: The Hole for the Ring

Don't forget to make the hole for the ring of the keychain.

Step 7: Let's Paint It!

I thought it would be nice to give it a more realistic touch but also to "erase" the black of the wood because of the burning. Don't forget the glitter!!!

Step 8: There You Have! :)

Hope you guys liked it. it's way much easier than what it seems, so what are you waiting for!? you can do this also for tablets and any kind of smartphone of any dimension.

thanks to the sexy models: a 5in Samsung galaxy grand and an iPod touch 5g.

and last but not least, thanks to you for taking time for this. you rock! remember to subscribe :)



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    13 Discussions

    wonderful device as mobile stand..very well done and nice pictorial description too

    I would want one for a phone stand, but turning into a keyring is brilliant!

    I think you have a great idea here, however, I would have used a mix of 50% water and school glue to fill the pores in the wood and it would have made a much nicer finish and then paint. I do give you credit where it is do. the finish is everything in a project like this.

    That's a very neat idea, when you go out, you take your phone and your keys.

    Perfect fob for your keys.

    I think even I could make that! ;-)

    Thanks for sharing such great ideas to make the instructable even better! I know what I did doesn't look as nice as it could be... but now that's what you're going to do :) remember to share yours at 'I made it' button :D

    Looks amazing but it would look amazing if you didn't add the glitter on the whole stand , just the wave tips and dump the glitter o. there so it would look like sea foam. Great job!

    1 reply

    great idea. I could use this maybe plastic cuz I break things...alot

    Wow this is cool

    Practice,fun,easy I love it