Easy Decomposed Skeleton Decor





Introduction: Easy Decomposed Skeleton Decor

Using some dollar store decor, a plastic bag and a heat gun, you can dramatically transform your skeleton decor. This was inspired by this instructable- How to corpse a skeleton

I decided to do it on a smaller scale with no painting involved.

Step 1: Material

Plastic skeleton decor

Plastic shopping bag

Heat gun

Step 2: Covering the Skeleton

Insert the skeleton in the plastic bag or cover with it , if it is larger. Depending on the color of bag(s) used, the effects vary.

A tan bag will look like charred decomposition

A yellow bag will look like toxic/nuclear decomposition

A white or clear bag will look like aged decomposition

You can use multiple bags for varied effects.

Step 3: "Decomping" the Skeleton

In a well ventilated area, use the heat gun to melt the plastic bag onto to skeleton, until desired effect is achieved. The bag will shrink onto the plastic skeleton, showing off the bone detail. Let cool.

Step 4: Display Your Creation and Enjoy.

That's it!



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Simple, clever idea!!