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Introduction: Easy Decorative Rose Radishes

Spring is a wonderful time for fresh veggies at the market.  I found some beautiful organic radishes.  When I was young, my Mom use to make us Rose Radishes to munch on. They were crunchy and hot.  These are a great garnish - pops out with color next to greens in a salad. Food looks appetizing with eye appeal.

Step 1: Scrub

Scrub radishes, removing dirt.

Step 2: Chop

Chop tops and bottom root off.

Step 3: Slice

Slice first cut a little over 3/4 way down, but not all the way.

Step 4: Second Slice

Rotate the radish and again slice 3/4 of the way to the bottom.

Step 5: Third Slice

Rotate radish, slice 3/4 of the way down.

Step 6: Fourth Slice

Rotate radish, slice 3/4 way down.

Step 7: Fifth and Last Slice

Rotate radish, slice 3/4 way down and you are done!

Step 8: Soak in a Bowl or Water

Soak rose radishes in cold water.  OPTIONAL: Add salt to taste. Let sit in refrig for 15 minutes.

Step 9: Serve/EAT

Yum... crunchy, healthy, pretty snacks.   Also use to garnish your salads or veggie dishes.



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    Simple and pretty!

    Those are pretty! I love radishes. :)

    i love radish and this is a beautiful decoration :D