Like most women, my girlfriend has an extensive shoe collection. However, most of them are usually scattered around on the floor in places you would rather place your feet while walking around the house. That's why I decided to make a shoe rack.

To make it a little more special, I made the 'construction' of the shoe rack out of the letters S, H, O, E, and S. If you want to know how it's made or want to make your own, just follow the steps. It took me about an afternoon to make this one.

Step 1: Tools

NOTE: In this instructable I use metric dimensions (mm). The dimensions are a suggestion, you can change them to fit your needs.
The shoe rack I made can hold 8 pairs of shoes. If you need more space, you can use longer sticks and more letters.

These are the items you need to make the shoe rack:

- MDF with a total size of 300x1000mm (I used 2 pieces of 300x600). Mine was 12mm thick.
- Round wooden sticks of about 1 meter in length. Mine were 10mm in diameter.
- An (electric) hand saw. If you have access to a band saw that would be even easier, but a hand saw works just as well.
- An electric drill and a drill bit of 10mm (or 11) in diameter.
- A hand file to make the drilled holes a little bigger if needed. If you use a 11mm drill bit, you probably don't need the file.
<p>This is really cute! I love how you used the letters of the word "Shoes" to build the shelf!</p>
Like your idea.
Leuk schoenenrek, goed idee om de schotten in de vorm van letters te maken. <br>(Great shoe-rack, splendid idea to make the panels in the shape of letters.) <br>I'll make one just like this as a gifts for my parents. <br>Easy to follow -ible, good job

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