Step 4: Assemble the Parts

Picture of Assemble the Parts
Because you want the sticks to fit tightly through the holes the assembling can be a bit annoying. I eventually found a way that worked rather well:

- Put one of the S's on one end of the sticks.
- Put the construction up right with the S on the floor.
- Slide the O on the sticks from the top. Hold both sides of the O with your hands and jiggle back and forth while pushing down until the O is halfway down the sticks. NOTE: don't push too hard! The sticks could buckle under the pressure.
- Once the O is in place, you can add either the H or the E from the same side. Make sure you line the letters up correctly!
- Add one of the S's to the end of the sticks and turn it upside down.
- Remove the 'first' S and add the H or E, depending on how you started.
- Add the final S and place the rack on the floor.

You can space out the letters at equal distances or create different spaces for smaller and larger shoes.