Introduction: Easy Desk Organizer for Art and Craft

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I made this handy Desk Organizer to arrange my art and craft tools. Easy to make, you need to collect a few empty boxes over time. Use it to store dry, blunt or covered items.

Step 1: Material

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Get a few empty (dry and clean) cardboard boxes, the ones that can hold your writing and art tools. You will need some scissors to cut and trim the boxes, glue. Then tape, stickers and paper to cover the boxes. A strong cardboard base is needed for the final step. I often stick 2-3 cardboard bases together to make them strong and even.

Step 2: Trim and Stick

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Trim the top covers/edges. Glue paper on the sides of cardboard. You can leave the base uncovered as it won't be visible. It should not be covered in plastic tape from bottom for glue to work on it. To cover the visible ends of paper, use contrasting tape and stickers or any decorative material you like.

Step 3: All on Base

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Cover base cardboard with paper and tape. Apply duct tape for extra strength. Stick all the covered and decorated boxes on the base. Press a little from the inside of boxes towards the base and leave it for while to dry. Put some heavy object in the box for it to stick strongly.

Step 4: Tips and Tricks

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You can make boxes of various shapes yourself. Decorate with stickers and cut pieces of paper.


Swansong (author)2017-02-07

It looks cute :)

NidhiC5 (author)Swansong2017-02-07

Thank you.

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