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Introduction: Easy Desk Organizer

Need a gift for that design-minded family member or friend? Turning broom heads into a desk organizer / smart phone charging station is an easy and cheeky way to repurpose AND give the gift of cool, functional 'homemade'.

Step 1: What You'll Need

- 2 x 10" x 2.75" natural bristle broom heads
- phone charging cable
- 8 x stick-on rubber feet
- scissors

*I got the broom heads at a janitorial supply store, but have also seen them at hardware stores.

Step 2: Laying Down Rubber

On the bottom of both broom heads, stick a rubber foot in each corner - approximately 1/4" in from the edges.

Step 3: Making Your Phone Slot

There's a natural space in the middle of the bristles of each broom head where the holes for the broom handle are. This is where your phone will be housed while charging. On ONLY ONE of the broom heads, take your scissors and trim up that space until your phone slides in and out easily. BE CAREFUL! If you cut too much away your phone won't stand up straight.

Step 4: Get Wired!

Take your phone charging cable and feed it through the bristles into the hole that has the threads, USB end first. Pull it all the way through so the end that plugs into your phone is just sticking up above the bristle tops.

NOTE: The images provided are for an iPhone charger. If your cable is different and the smallest end is the one that plugs into the phone, feed it through the other way, reversing the direction indicated in the photos and come up through the bottom instead.

Step 5: Get It Together

Place your new organizer close to an outlet or to your computer, plug your charging cable into a power source and you're ready to get organized and charged!!

I chose the double wide (2 brush heads end to end) because it worked perfectly with my computer, but there's no reason you can't go for three wide, or just one! It's totally up to you and the space you're making it for!

Please let me know if you have any other ideas for this project or feel free to leave feedback in the comments section!



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This looks amazing and much more practical than trying to find and retrieve miscellaneous things from my usual pencil cup that tips too easily. Can't wait to try it. I might need a couple of these in the sewing room, too.

NO WAY. That is so genius! Really awesome! I love it and like it...no jokes...

Very clever. I think if you paint the bristles green and stick some fake flowers on it, maybe paint the base a flowerpot like colour, people might have a hard time telling it was a broom.

What a brilliant idea and looks great. So different from the usual boxes which end up a big mess anyway.

Is there no risk of scratching the phone screen?

That's a really good idea! If it's clean, It's good!

This is really clever. When you need to clean your desk off, you can just flip it over and brush everything away. It can have two purposes!

I had my special needs students make these as gifts for their parents....they loved it

That is really clever! Like it a lot. Great instructable, great photos and step-by-step instructions. Nice Work!

This is awesome and so easy to do! Thanks for sharing!