Easy Desktop Radar System


Introduction: Easy Desktop Radar System

So you(I) live in a part of the US where there is alot of snow, and storms. You(I) need a easy radar system to use on my computer which will be updated and will be easier than loading a weather page online. You(I) look online and find some GIS radar systems but dont want to pay mega $$$.$$ for a good HQ GIS system. So lets go low(high) tech using free software.

Step 1: Software(freeware) Needed

Here is a small list of the software you need.

-Google Earth Download Here

Thats all.

Step 2: Get KML

Next you will need the radar feed, this is in the form of a KML file.

Use this link and select a few radars in your area using ctrl and clicking a few in your area. next highlight the long and short range reflecttivity at bottom and click submit.

Now once you click submit you will get a pop up box for downloading the file. Click save then save in a spot(see pic 2)

Step 3: Import Into Google Earth

Next open google earth(once installed). Click file>open then select your file you saved.

Step 4: DONE

Congrats, you just finished. You may need you reboot google earth but then it should look like the picture below. The image refreshes every 2 minutes.

Mess around with the KVM generator and try stuff like precipitation and warnings.



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    I'm not sure but my google earth already had a weather box to click. Is that what you added or was it there already?

    1 reply

    I dont know what version you have, but my version didn't have a weather button

    The title is a little misleading, I thought initially that this would make a live feed radar desktop, but it's just google earth. How much faster is it to refer to a web page, as opposed to opening google earth?

    4 replies

    firefox with a 'reload every x minutes' add on would work just as well. I was expecting use of WGET and some form of desktop refresh. silly me.

    But, google earth does have HQ views of your area. In some views this could be better

    Well... a live feed for a regular person to get would be extremely hard. The fastest way of course would be to buy a dopplar dish. Well those are redily avalible :) NOAA, which supplies all data to the NWS and weather.com can only supply data every 2 min. Depending on the speed of your computer, my google earth can load in 5 seconds, but to open ffox and type in noaa then type my zip, would take at least 45 seconds. So you decide

    Shame....either google beat you to the punch or google stole your idea.....

    You could subscribe to arcamax weather and get a live feed in your email every day. Just enter your zip code and it shows a map with the radar overlay.