Step 1: Seed

Type the seed nemo. no space no caps

Step 2: Find the Snowy Part

Step 3: Dig Down

Dig down roughly here

Step 4: Viola!

The diamonds are yours also try digging down virtually anywhere for garunteed diamonds
Bobey a seam if diamonds can have up to 8 ores! (face palm)
Awesome tanks
It's just easy as saying its fake just like saying a dog can talk
No it's not you'll never see that much diamond in one spot
Yes it is
It's not true
What bobey?
Never mind I put in the seed incorrectly
There is no snow on sand anywhere
There are 6 diamonds in the first seam the there are loads more
<p>how many diamonds are there?</p>
<p>how many diamonds are there?</p>
How is it fake, may I ask?
This seed is fake
Hey I found a weird pic
So watch out
Guys I am going to move to some survival guides soon

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