Picture of Easy Diy Camera Flash Diffuser
In this easy tutorial I will demonstrate how to make a camera flash diffuser from a coffee filter.
It takes about five minutes and will cost next to nothing.
I hope you enjoy this build!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
It doesn't get simpler than this!
All you need for this project is:
1-piece of coffee filter paper
1-pair of scissors
1- hot glue gun

Step 2: Measure and cut your coffee filter!

Picture of Measure and cut your coffee filter!
Take your coffee filter, and along the non ruffled side,
draw two parallel lines that are 2.5 inches long and are connected to the non ruffled side of the coffee filter.
Make sure that after you draw your first line, draw a line that is 3.0 inches long and perpendicular to the first line and will also connect the top of both parallel lines.

*Dimensions will slightly vary based on the size of your cameras flash

After you sketch the dimensions, cut the filter paper on the drawn lines.

Step 3: Glue filter together

Picture of Glue filter together
Simply glue three small dots of hot glue on each side of the filter paper.
Then fold on the line and press together making a pocket.

Step 4: Done!

Picture of Done!
When the glue dries, slide the diffuser on your flash and your done!
Take great pictures with a flash diffuser made from household materials!
I just made it and try it and it just works grate! Thank you very much!
Kroitzer2 years ago
I just tried this and I love it! I made it in 30 seconds and used tape instead of glue. The best thing about this diffuser is that if you lose it or anything, you can easily make another one in 30 seconds and it works just fine! Awesome instructable!
vlad-sf2 years ago
I will try it! can you add some examples of pictures taken with and without the diffuser?
Nice! I gotta make one of these :)