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Introduction: Easy Diy Travel Pillow

About: I like all sorts of colorful things. I also like decorations and DIY crafts. If I can't make it using the instructions, I find another way to make it. I am creative and I love bright and happy smiles! :)

This is an original craft that I thought of while sitting around. I think this pillow is very comfy and it is NO-SEW. All you need is:

  • A plastic, uuhh..., thingy, I guess.
  • Tape (Duct Tape is the best
  • Comfy Fabric (No needle and thread though)

Step 1: The Only Step (Super Simple)

All you need to do is duct tape the fabric to the plastic and you are done! It is perfect to put on a plane and lay your head down on!



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    Nice one. Keep it up. Once you get started doing instructables, you won't stop!