Picture of Easy Dog Halloween Costume - Beach Girl
After making the labour intensive Hit Girl costume for Jersey, I wanted to make something quick & easy. Now that I have two dogs, I can't spend almost 3 hours on a costume. This costume literally took me 15 minutes to make!

AS with any dog clothing, supervise your dog when they are wearing a costume. Accidents can happen.

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Step 1: Tools & Materials

Picture of Tools & Materials
You will need a bikini that has bottoms that tie up on the sides, a blonde clip-in hair piece wig, a pair of scissors, a magic marker and a piece of elastic.

This costume cost me $10 to make. I bought the bikini at a thrift store for $5 and got the wig at a Halloween shop. Depending on the size of your dog, go for the clip in hair piece. It was perfect size for Jersey, which meant that I didn’t have to cut it down to fit her.

Step 2: Making The Wig

Picture of Making The Wig
Remove the hair clip from the wig. With  scissors, cut small holes into the webbing of the wig and string the elastic through. I used 1/4″ elastic, but found that the wig slid around on Jersey’s head. For better stability, use 1/2″ elastic or wider.

Step 3: The Bikini Top

Picture of The Bikini Top
Tie the top straps of the bikini top behind your dog’s head. You might have to re-tie a few times until you get it in a spot that you are happy with. Take the bottom strings and tie them behind your dog’s legs, taking care that your dog can still move comfortably. If you are happy with how the top looks, make a sturdy knot in the bottom strings and trim the excess.
zabee1139 months ago
So cute and cool love it pleas do more sorry for spelling
That is really cute! Adorable dog costume!