Simple heart

Step 1: Flat Dollar Bill

A flat bill looks best but kinda wrinkled works too

Step 2: Fold Bill in Half

Fold in half
Open back up

Step 3: Fold Edges

Fold edges to center line
Then flip over

Step 4: Fold Corners to Center

Fold bottom corners to center line

Step 5: Fold Top

Fold the top of the bill as shown

Step 6: Squash Folding

Lift one of the top flaps up and squash fold side to form a triangle (see photos)
Repeat with other side

Step 7: Final Folds

Fold center corners on the top inward as shown

Step 8: Flip!

Flip over and your heart is done
<p>Thank for posting these super easy to follow/remember steps. </p><p>I lead a workshop in Chicago last weekend called 'How to Ask for Money'. It was a coaching session for artists who often feel drained of creativity when seeking financial support for their work. At the end of the coaching session, I had the artist reflect on what resonated most with them from our session, write it on the dollar bill and create an orgami heart that they could keep as a touchstone. People really loved it as an engagement. </p><p>I'm pictured here with the music artist Autumn Crowne, and the orgami hearts mixed in with my company, Fractured Atlas', stickers.</p><p>Thanks again!</p>
<p>wonderful instructions, thank you sooooo much.</p>
<p>I made a heart!!!</p>
<p>I made this!!!!!</p>

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