One of my resolutions this year was to try draping a garment (a la Project Runway) rather than using a commercial pattern. This is my first try with it and it seemed relatively simple so I thought I'd share a tutorial on it too :) The dress I made is a very basic Grecian-inspired, draped maxi using a super soft jersey material. The best thing about it is that you only have to sew 2 lines - one side seam and the hem.

What You'll Need:
2-3 yards of 60" jersey (I used a stretchy 100% Rayon from Joann's)
Matching thread
A belt

This looks great! I'd love to hear more about the tutorial part of it.
Whoops! I had embedded the directions onto each photo. Here it is in text form:<br><br>1. &nbsp;On a dress form / model / yourself, center fabric against body vertically (the fold in the fabric from being on the bolt should line up against your side from underarms to ankles) and tie the ends once.<br><br>2. &nbsp;Tie it one more time so you wind up with kind of a fancy looking danish<br><br>3. &nbsp;Tuck the ends inside and pin. &nbsp;You'll hand tack these down when you're ready to sew.<br><br>4. &nbsp;Pin right underneath your underarms and also at your ankles. &nbsp;<br><br>5. &nbsp;Carefully cut excess fabric from the bottom at the length you want it (maxi, below knee, at knee, etc.) but don't forget to leave a little excess for hemming.<br><br>6. &nbsp;Remove dress from dress form / model / self and sew down the side from where you pinned at the underarm and ankles. &nbsp;Hem your dress.<br><br>7. Voila! &nbsp;You're finished! &nbsp;The great thing about jersey is that it will not fray so you can leave the ends unfinished if you prefer. &nbsp;Hence, I left the entire neckline with a raw edge. &nbsp;You'll most likely want to wear this dress with a belt of some sort either at your waist line or right underneath your bust.

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