I needed a drill stand for Rotary Tool. I didn't  find any usable for my Rotary Tool so I decide to make my own.

Step 1:

All you need is:
- piece of plywood,
- 2 short Drawer Slide
- 1 Pipe Holder
- piece of gum
- some screws
- glue for wood

- Drill Vise
Is that one of the newer Dremels? Because Dremel has a drill press/ workstation combo for about $50
Hi, no it is some no Name Drill from my father.
<p>Getting to this party way late, but that's a Radio Shack roto tool. I know because I have one. </p>
This is cool. How do you keep the position of the drawer sliders from sliding down?
Hi, thanks :) There are this 2 pieces of gum in Step4. It has enough resistance to keep the drill up.
<p>Gum = elastic band? In the US &quot;gum&quot; usually refers to chewing gum.</p>

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