In this instructable I want to show you how to make a easy and simplistic ds game case out of duct tape, please note that you may want to edit your creation as you go along, to fit your needs :)

I got this Idea from looking for a simple DS game case made entirely out of duct tape, but couldn't find one I liked enough :p so I made this

Note: This is my first instructable, please comment on any error you may see in it
also, sorry for the image quality, but I think the images are good enough to get the point across
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
1. Duct tape
2. Knife (or other sharp object) to cut duct tape
3. DS game cartridges (have as many as you want the case to hold)

Step 2: Cut

Picture of Cut
Cut the duct tape at the length about a bit over 2 DS cartridges high (see picture) (You might want to add a little extra length, just to make sure it's long enough)

Create as many of these strips as the amount of game cartridges you want the finished product to hold (I want 8 cartridges to hold, so I make 8 strips)

Step 3: Wrapping

wrap the duct tape around a DS cartridge sticky side out.

Then, fold the excess duct tape to the back, this makes the bottom.

Place on a surface that will not ruin the adhesive of the duct tape (Do not put it on carpet for sure)

Do this with each cartridge and strip.

Step 4: Aranging

Picture of Aranging
Now, Connect all the squares together so it fits wherever you want to carry it (like a pockit :) ).

Check over your design before you put them together, it is difficult to take apart.

Step 5: Last Step: Covering

Cover the stick duct tape with duct tape, sticky side in, making it stronger, and less sticky on the outside, wrap some more times if you want some additional strength (By the way, mine turned out too wide so I had to use two strips, and this may happen to you too).
This is a very nice instructable! I am for sure going to make this because I am a very very very very very very very very very very very Ect. Ect. Ect. cautious DSi owner, albeit i want to take very very very very very very very very very very good care of all my gear for future use. though I have go with Drackeo on this one, it would be helpful if you put measurments. But HEY, give your self a pat on the back (I'd like to see an instructable on that!) this is a wonderful case that I think is much cooler than any other DS game case so far!
drackeo4 years ago
you should add messurements
amakerguy6 years ago
This is really cool i have a NDS lite. There so much better then the original. You need to get the lite.
akaski (author)  amakerguy6 years ago
I'm waiting for the DSi to come out, and get that
What is that??
akaski (author)  amakerguy6 years ago
Its the DS generation after the light, it has 2 cameras (defiantly not under doing in there >.> ) slimmer, SD card slot, other stuff like the wii sorta', bigger screen, but no GBA slot Its already out in Japan, I think I read it coming out in the U.S. either spring 2009 or fall 2009
the problem with the "no gba slot" is that u cant use the memory extension or rumblePak
don't forget guitar hero on tour guitar grips
poptart4326 years ago
nice job
zimmemic256 years ago
why did u take a picture of it falling???
i broke my SupercardDS1 by dropping it, why do u drop 8 carts?
what broke and why didnt you spring for a better cart? a simple drop wouldnt harm the cart at all.
the chip broke. there was no current between mass and gnd. so it didnt boot up... i got a acekard 2 now.. it is MUCH better.
akaski (author)  zimmemic256 years ago
well, the case probably didn't inflict more damage than usual.... so... I think it was probably a poorly crafted cart.
yeah. i sent my cart back 3 times cause it was broken before i now use an acekard2, which lives longer now than all 3 scDS1 that i had before.
lol you should have gone with the acekard 2 in the first place im saving cash for an acekard 2 RPG... and soon a DSI cart (thought it was acecard honestly)
afaik there is an acekard, an acekardRPG, an acekard2 and an acekardDSi(new), but no 2RPG.
akaski (author)  zimmemic256 years ago
because I wanted to show that I trust it holding my games >.> (really I just wanted to see how falling things looked on my camera)
amakerguy6 years ago
you did not take a pic of it falling I can SEE THE STRING!!!!
akaski (author)  amakerguy6 years ago
It is falling(took me like 20 times....I was bored) the "string" is the wood (also, it shouldn't matter if it is falling, it probably doesn't add any protection) (also, I just can't see why this has a rating of 2.86 with only one rating XD )
But what about the shadow of the string?
akaski (author)  amakerguy6 years ago
There is no string
codongolev6 years ago
I did this, but it's for my psp, and it holds the psp (with camera attached), 5 games, headphones, an extra memory stick, and an emergency battery powerered charger. and it has a handle. I made it by taking a block of wood the same width as my psp, cutting two blocks of wood the same dimensions as my psp, covering one inside out with tape, covering it with tape the opposite way, taking the block out, putting both blocks together, doing it again, then taping the open ends of the duct tape "pouches" together to create a lid kind of thing. then I added magnets and a handle. (I made sure that the magnets wouldn't hurt my stuff.) hard to explain, but awesome.
akaski (author)  codongolev6 years ago
Awesome, taking it cross-platform XD
codongolev7 years ago
duct tape! suh-weet!
akaski (author)  codongolev7 years ago
Yea! Unfortunately I only have red and blue at the moment instead of awesome gray, but it works :)
who cares? it's duct tape, so it'll never break!
yea i made one like this too. but cause i have a actionReplay extended edition (it has a big memory-box, so it is like 2 game carts) i made a custom slot for it. and i made 2 slots for GBA games.
akaski (author)  zimmemic256 years ago
Thats a good plan
"you may want to edit your creation as you go along, to fit your needs :)"

you are very good at following instructions _
"sorry for the image quality"? these are better and clearer than my sister's. and she's a photographer's daughter.
akaski (author)  mettaurlover6 years ago
yes, thanks for the compliment... I think, but being a daughter of a photographer does not necessarily make one a good photographer..... usually anyways :p