Picture of Easy Duct Tape Wallet
So I know there are already a bunch of these but here is my easy duct tape wallet.  I made this for my teen Summer Reading Program at my library. 

You will need
     Duck tape, any colors (I'm using three different colors to show the parts easier)
     Gift card or credit card to help measure

Step 1: Create a piece of duct tape fabric

Picture of Create a piece of duct tape fabric
Cut 4 pieces of tape, about 10" long, and lay them on the work surface, sticky side up. Connect them by overlapping the top edge of one to the bottom edge of the next.  Repeat with remaining two pieces of tape.  Now you have a sticky square.
freddy fazber made it!5 months ago

yes!! i made it!!

photo 1.JPGphoto 2.JPGphoto 3.JPG
freddy fazber5 months ago
freddy fazber5 months ago
freddy fazber5 months ago
I love it!!! I'm a 10 yr old and I love making duct tape items!!!! I make cd cases I just put duck tape on clear colored cd cases and I make peatal braclets and purses I also make something like this but it has to big pockets and is not enterly ducktape. I'm a figure skater and I use them as sticker holders .
rayebs made it!1 year ago

Fairly easy to follow. I Initially had a smidge of confusion when it came to folding in half long ways, while still leaving a bit of the 'back flap' up higher... Though the picture did help. Mine turned out looking really nice... but it is HUGE! I am not good at eyeballing lengths, so my pockets are kinda too deep/wide for a card... Unless I put it vertical.

(duct tape from Dollar Tree)

lauristeffy (author)  rayebs1 year ago

That looks great!

I think its pretty easy to follow clear instructions and pictures to match :)
Too hard to follow otherwise good