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Introduction: Easy Dukkah

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I tried making some dukkah the other day, as mum & dad's friends were coming around for a birthday dinner.
Why not give it a go?

I basically used almonds and cashews as a base, crushed them up, then added ground coriander & cumin seeds.
Normally dukkah has that orange tumeric colour, so I added some ground tumeric.
Then I just grabbed any ground spice I thought would go well out of the cupboard: coriander, tarragon, thyme, mixed herbs, parsley, chilli powder, moroccan seasoning, cardamom, cinnamon, five spice etc.

Basically, grab any spice you want and throw some into the base of nuts, coriander and cumin seeds.
Then serve with crusty bread and oil. Preferably my rosemary infused oil.

Some info on dukkah:

Dukkah (aka dukka, or duqqa) is an Egyptian side dish made of herbs, nuts, and spices. It is typically used
as a dip with bread. The word is from the Arabic word for "to pound", since the mixture of spices and
nuts are pounded together to a texture that is neither powdered or paste-like.

In modern days, people like to eat dukkah with crusty bread and their favourite oil. It is commonly used
as a way to give free tastings of oil, and goes great on a cheeseboard.



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    Can you talk more here what dukkah is, and give us a great shot of the finished product?

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    Should have replied yesterday night, but the internet dropped out just after I edited it.

    Awesome. I would love to feature this! Would you consider making the last image the first one?

    Thanks for the tip! It will be a lot more eye catching now.

    Awesome. I would love to feature this! Would you consider making the last image the first one?